Custom Wedding Rings & Bands in Philadelphiaa 

     Deborah Finn is your source for fine Custom Rings, Bands, and Jewelry in Philadelphia.

     Jewelry is a personal style and choice and your Bands should reflect your individual life style.

     We are the premier leader in Philadelphia creating gorgeous jewelry for every couple. Same sex couples feel welcome and confident knowing that I make same sex bands that are as unique to them as they want them to be.

     From the basic gold band to unusual diamond or Gem stone bands let me design the Jewelry of your dreams.

     Young couples, older couples , same sex couples all share the same wonderful experience when they purchase their bands from Deborah Finn.

     I have been designing custom Jewelry for Forty years , It is and has been a joy and a fabulous adventure to work with so many wonderful couples. I treat every person with the same respect and I make sure I give personal attention to every detail of the beautiful jewelry I will create for you with pleasing you as the main objective.      

     With so many diversified couples I take creating their bands a personal challenge to insure present and future satisfaction.

     The excitement of the couple getting married for the first time is a joy to be around. They are filled with so many ideas about what they want for their bands, and it is my pleasure to guide them in the direction that will satisfy both their style and budget.

     The older couple or perhaps the second time marriage rings usually require a different concept as these couples more often than not want something different than the traditional band.

     The same sex couple who want bands from traditional to avant garde,one thing is certain they will be exceptional!

Philadelphia Diamond Jewelry

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