Diamond Engagement Rings in Philadelphia

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Diamond rings are a timeless symbol of commitment. Diamonds are one of the most durable substances on

Earth, and when cut and set by an expert jeweler they sparkle with such brilliance that the wearer will never want to

give them up.

Commitment Rings

Deborah Finn Jeweler will help you find a diamond ring that is as enduring and unique as your commitment to your spouse or partner-to-be. Drawing on over thirty years of experience in crafting custom diamond jewelry, Deborah Finn will select the most brilliant gems and design a ring or set of rings that communicates the love that you and your fiancé or fiancée share. According to a survey by Brides magazine, the most important factor in selecting an engagement ring is the diamond’s shape, followed closely by cut. At Deborah Finn Jewelers, you’ll find a complete range of diamond shapes from round to heart to princess-shaped diamonds. The cut of the diamond, when done properly, can infuse the gem with fire and radiance, but a poor cut can diminish your diamond’s light. Deborah Finn, a GIA-certified diamond expert, will design your ring with precisely cut diamonds only. 

LGBT Engagement Rings

Alongside traditional design techniques, Deborah Finn also uses computer aided design technology, so that the possibilities for your custom ring are virtually endless.

Searching for the perfect ring or set of rings can be overwhelming. Deborah Finn Jeweler makes selecting your diamond engagement ring stress-free. We first consult with you and discuss your lifestyle, taste and budget in order to create a ring that you or your intended will love. This commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes Deborah Finn a leader in the Philadelphia area for creating magnificent diamond engagement rings.


A Note From Deborah


Since 1983, I have been certified in diamonds by the GIA. I pay close attention to the quality of the diamond engagement ring you select. I work closely with you and oversee every step of the process in creating a beautiful diamond ring for you, making sure from start to finish that your diamond engagement ring is perfect. I am proud to say that your diamond ring, engagement ring or any fine jewelry I make for you is made in the U.S.A. I believe every diamond engagement ring should be unique and will design custom diamond rings to fit your lifestyle and fashion sense.

Philadelphia Diamond Jewelry

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